2022 already feels like it’s flying by. Lucky for us, that means another issue of Alternative Press magazine is on the way.

We're excited to announce our February issue (#403), featuring multitalented sensation Dominic Fike on the cover. In the issue, Fike appears alongside a genre-spanning list of artists, including Korn, Dashboard Confessional, Shamir, Bad Omens, Ho99o9, Twin Shadow, Avenged Sevenfold and many others.

Dominic Fike cover story

Dominic Fike is well known for his versatile approach to music, leading to chart-topping singles such as “3 Nights,” his standout EP Don’t Forget About Me, Demos and debut full-length What Could Possibly Go Wrong. Fike has also been making waves as an actor, appearing in the ongoing second season of hit show Euphoria.

In our cover story, Fike takes readers through the personal and artistic journey that led him to where he is today. Along the way, Fike reveals his development from childhood to now, the experience of working on Euphoria and his break into the music industry.

In the interview, it becomes clear that Fike is redefining alternative music by forging his own independent path. When asked about alternative music, Fike tells us, "I'm not really sure what it means anymore.... I’m not sure what they’ll label me as in the future — I’m sure they’ll figure it out.”

The conversation also reveals Fike’s humility and drive, something that leads him to prioritize something more than industry success.

“Taking care of my family; that’s the most important thing to me,” he says. “Making sure my family has a house and food, and they’re all in good schools,” he says. “And then comes me, I guess. Hopefully I’ll be at a place where, mentally, I’m OK, where I can have normal conversations with people. I still feel like I’m a little fragmented from the whole rise and everything, but I’m trying to pull it back together with therapy and some sobriety in the mix and leaning on friends. That’s a pretty cliche answer, but to be honest, being happy is all that matters. You can be as rich as you want to be and just be fucking miserable.” 

Oral History - Korn

Issue #403 also features an oral history of legendary rock band Korn. For the article, we conducted a career-spanning interview with the band’s frontman Jonathan Davis, traversing a path that led from the early days of the band to the maturity and perspective earned over the course of almost 30 years in the industry. During the conversation, Davis gave readers a deep dive into the band’s just-released album, Requiem.

“For me, it was about [saying] goodbye to the old and hello to the new,” Davis says of the project. “A ‘Requiem’ is a thing for the dead, which is why I liked it so much. It’s out of respect for all of the people we lost throughout the pandemic — there was so much death going on. There were so many different meanings going on, and I just liked the way it sounded. The vibe just seemed right.”

Davis also explored the band’s legacy, which turned into something far greater than he ever expected. Among other markers of the band’s significance, he discussed what it felt like to see the band’s iconic logo transformed into an easily recognizable symbol, adorning T-shirts and bags of coffee.

“It trips me out that something I did has blown up so big,” Davis says. “It’s the same thing with lyrics — there wasn’t a lot of thought put into it; it was just like magic that came from someplace else. I did it, boom, there you go! There’s not a lot of overthinking going on. Ross [Robinson, producer] taught me early in our career that overthinking things can really ruin songs. You’ve got to go with your gut and trust your gut. I think on [Requiem], that’s what I did.”

Also in Issue #403:
  • Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbats digital cover - In the conversation, band leader M. Shadows reveals how the band’s Deathbats fan club is transforming the fan experience, finding new ways to reach them through technology.
  • Dashboard Confessional - Chris Carrabba, the longtime visionary behind Dashboard, explores the process that led to upcoming album All The Truth That I Can Tell. During the interview, Carrabba reveals the path that led to the new record and the ways he continues to hold out for mystery and wonder in art.
  • H.R. of punk pioneers Bad Brains - Bad Brains paved the way for punk rock as we know it. H.R. is a major reason why the genre became what it did. His energetic performances and positive worldview reflect the potential of the genre, which at its best is a powerful source of change for the world.
  • View From The Line & AP Lookbook - Here at AP, we’re not just passionate about the artists and the songs. We also love every part of alternative culture, from the fans and the clothes to the communities we build together. This month, View From The Line is highlighting fans by spotlighting the line for iHeartRadio's ALTer EGO event in Los Angeles. We're also celebrating alternative fashion in our AP Lookbook, featuring genre-blurring artist Cliftun.

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