Alternative culture has always been about the underground. But once it hit the mainstream, the classic punk and grunge styles went from relatively unknown to runway chic. Here we rounded up 10 alternative fashion staples we totally love from brands that we wish we could afford.

1. Dr. Martens military-inspired jagger – $225

Most of us have owned a pair of Docs—or a pair of knockoffs that look just like the real deal—and we’ve discovered that certain styles are more of a splurge than others. While this particular pair is a little bit more of an investment, it makes that part-time job totally worth it.

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2. UNIF cropped ribbed sweater – $88

We’re all about grunge-y knits, and vintage shops are a go-to for picking up true ’90s gems. But brands such as UNIF make vintage-inspired sweater shopping easy, even if the price tag is higher than our local secondhand store.

3. AllSaints leather jacket – $498

The leather jacket is a punk must-have, and brands across the board have mastered the art of the everyday fall fashion staple. But names such as Boda Skins and AllSaints are on every punk fashion lover’s wish list—even if the price tag is more like $500 rather than $50.

4. Vivienne Westwood tartan trousers – $455

Any punk-loving fashion person has likely dreamed of owning a piece from Vivienne Westwood, the designer largely responsible for bringing modern punk fashion to the mainstream. A classic pair of tartan trousers might not be cheap—but they’re truly iconic.

5. R13 shredded jeans – $695

When brand R13 made its runway debut, it made an impression. With punk and grunge music and styles to match, the brand embodies a punk-rock energy that the high-fashion world can’t get enough of. These shredded jeans are a serious standout, even if the price has our wallets feeling not so thrilled.