Ah, spring break: the last benchmark before total summer freedom. Regardless if you’re about to go on vacation or still have a few weeks to go, let these sunshine- and smile-filled music videos lift your spirits.

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1. Sum 41 – “In Too Deep”

Follow these pop-punk legends for some good-natured Sum 41 brand of fun in the sun—complete with middle-of-the-pool guitar solo.

2. State Champs – “Losing Myself”

The Shot Boys are always outdoing themselves with videos, and this summer romp is no exception. Framed as a very (very, very) low-budget commercial for a local waterpark, it features the band trying (some harder than others) to fill various jobs.

3. Fall Out Boy – “Irresistible”

Amid the sweltering summer heat, who wouldn’t head out for an afternoon on the pickup basketball court? For Fall Out Boy, they probably should have stayed home. At least they have a batch of overzealous courtside fans to cheer them on.

4. Seaway – “Lula On The Beach”

The only thing better than a beach day? A dog beach day. Canadian pop-punks Seaway get themselves a tan and some pups for a light, bright music video.

5. MisterWives – “Reflections”

While you dream of school being out permanently, watch this humorous take on end-of-year pranks, thanks to MisterWives. Frontwoman Mandy Lee leading the charge with a water gun battle definitely has us wishing for warmer weather.