The scene subculture has changed throughout the years from the bands we love, clothes we wear and things we have come to appreciate. While a lot has changed since the peak scene days of the early 2000s, much has stayed the same—wearing black 24/7 and being unable to pass a Spencer’s or Hot Topic without taking a peek. We’ve gathered 10 scene trends that will never go out of style for us to remember what makes us so special. 

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1. Wearing Vans with every outfit

Vans are the official shoe of scene kids, and not only because of the company’s history with various artists and Warped Tour. They’re the perfect skating shoe that we’ll rock with skinny jeans and dresses and everything in between. While we love mixing up the styles, we have our tried-and-true favorites that we will wear until the day we die. 

2. Living in our favorite black skinny jeans

Any scene kid owns at least two pairs of black skinny jeans, and that’s probably being generous. We rock them all day, every day because to us, they’re as comfortable as sweatpants. It’s like having a classic white T-shirt or pair of sneakers in your closet—they’re a staple. Also, the tighter, the better. 

3. Preferring vinyl to anything else

The scene’s love of music runs deep, so we prefer to hear it in its truest form. We begged our parents for our first record player at Christmas so we can blast our favorite records over and over again in our rooms. It just sounds more authentic, and we won’t argue otherwise. 

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4. Constantly wearing our headphones

Everyone around us always has to get our attention by waving or tapping our shoulders because you won’t find a scene kid without their headphones close by. We know that a quick bathroom break or a morning commute is just made better with music. Plus, we have a special curated playlist for any and every occasion blasting through them at all times. 

5. Spending all of our money on concerts and festivals

It’s our biggest flaw, but we can never stop buying concert tickets. The majority of our paychecks goes toward our live music fund, and we aren’t ashamed. It’s probably not the smartest way to spend our money, but we’ll have lifelong memories with our favorite bands that are priceless. 

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6. Having an angsty attitude at all times

We’re angsty forever, and you have to accept that. It’s not that we’re trying to be difficult, but society just doesn’t understand, and sometimes, we need to have some attitude. Whether it’s how we actually feel or part of our aesthetic, it embodies the scene kid lifestyle forever. 

7. Obsessing over tattoos and piercings

The money that we don’t spend on concert tickets and band merch usually ends up going toward funding our next tattoo or piercing. We think it’s the most attractive thing on other people and are addicted to personalizing our bodies with metal and ink. We don’t care what they’ll look like when we’re older because we know that we’ll be punk rock until the day we die. 

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8. Sporting our favorite band T-shirts

Nothing looks better with our skinny jeans and Vans than our favorite band T-shirt. It lets people know how kickass our music taste is and makes us look stylish with minimal effort. Whether it's a new shirt we bought on the recent Slipknot tour or a throwback A Day To Remember number we’ve had forever, they’re a huge part of our wardrobe. 

9. Being unafraid to accessorize

Scene kids have always been the best at accessorizing. From hair bows to layered jewelry, we know it makes our look go from basic to next level. Also, aside from traditional accessories, we understand that mixing up our hair color and makeup looks also counts as accessorizing, and we do it often. 

10. Always loving Hot Topic 

It’s like Target for scene kids. We bought our first band posters for our rooms here and our first clip-in hair extensions that our mom totally hated. Hot Topic is the staple store for us, and we will never not give it the love and appreciation it deserves.