They can’t stop instagramming them, and we can’t stop freezing in our news-perusing tracks to “d’aww” at them. Everyone loves a list of adorable animals (and if you don’t, you might be a sociopath so please don’t come anywhere near us.) So here is another cute critters roundup, given the AP treatment to showcase both the artists you love and the furry friends they love.


Michele Bird [MB]

Cassie Whitt [CW]

Max & Sherri Bemis (Say Anything, Eisley)

Pet(s): Two boxers, Mary Jane and Truly


Max and Sherri Bemis are proud parents not only to their baby daughter, Lucy, but also to two adorable boxers named Mary Jane and Truly. Both boxers frequently make appearances on each of the couple’s Twitter accounts from photographs to Vine videos. Mary Jane definitely wins over hearts easily in the YouTube video where she says “I Love You” to the camera. [MB]

Best Coast

Pet: Snacks the cat

Best Coast | Alternative Pets lists

Snacks, Best Coast’s cat (belonging primarily to vocalist Bethany Cosentino) is very active on social media and is an album cover celebrity, with his very own Twitter account which boasts more than 11,000 followers. “I like sleep, pizza, going outside and more sleep. I live with@best_coast and it rules,” his profile reads. [CW]


Ash Costello (New Years Day)

Pet: dogs Barnabus and Gremlin

Ash Costello, Barnabus and Gremlin | Alternative Pets list

New Years Day spook-rocker Ash Costello has a pair of dogs named after monsters, but don’t let the names fool you; they’re actually adorable. Well, not to say gremlins and nosferatu aren’t adorable... –long-distance creep-girl high-fives Costello. [CW]


Anthony Green (Circa Survive)

Pet(s): Two puggles Lily and Ela

Anthony Green's puggles | Alternative Press pets list

The Circa Survive frontman is a proud owner of two puggles named Lily and Ela. The pups are litter sisters and could be easily mistaken for the other. Green considers his pups to be family as he notes on his official blog that Ela “is the newest member of our pack.” [MB]


Frank Iero (Death Spells, LeATHERMOUTH, ex-My Chemical Romance)

dog Sweet Pea

Iero once described his elderly dog Sweet Pea as “a fucking creep [who] at times resembles a black John Waters.” When he recently tweeted that he thought she was “slowly turning off,” the MCRmy broke into a frenzy mourning her. Turns out she’s okay—just “old and fucking weird.” [CW]

Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday)

Pet: Dog named Uzi

Adam Lazzara, frontman for Taking Back Sunday, has a cute pup named Uzi in his life. Uzi is another band pup that dresses up for the occasion and recently sported a pink balloon in Lazzara’s Vine video post from February. Looks like Uzi was channeling Disney’s animated flick Up for this occasion. [MB]


Buddy Nielsen

dog Leslie

When he’s not on tour posting a photo series of venue sinks, Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen is hanging out with this affectionate, adopted pitbull, Leslie. [CW]


Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse)

pitbull Charlie

Ronnie Radke’s pitbull was often seen wearing a spiked collar, and—while he was traversing North America with Falling In Reverse on last year’s Warped tour—noise-reducing doggy ear muffs. [CW]



Dalmatian Lou Dog

Sublime’s Dalmatian mascot and pet of the band’s late vocalist, Bradley Nowell can be found memorialized in videos, on album covers and in countless photos of the band. He was also infamous for causing ruckus on Warped Tour. [CW]

Matt Traynor (Blessthefall)

Pet(s): Two dogs named Charlie and Nugget


Charlie and Nugget blessthefall | Alternative Press pets list

Matt Traynor, drummer for Blessthefall, spends his time off tour with his two charming dogs Charlie and Nugget. Charlie is a Parson pup and Nugget has become recognized as “Nugget the Corgi” in the online world. It’s easy to see that both pups are extremely playful and seem to have a love for every dog’s favorite treat: Scooby snacks. [MB]



Lindsey Way (Mindless Self Indulgence)

sphynx kitten Grandpa

Lyn Z Way and Grandpa | Alternative Press pets list

It seems Mindless Self Indulgence bassist Lindsey Way’s kitten can often be found affixed to her owner's neck most (pictured) and was an apparent gift from fellow feline-lovers, Deadmau5 and Kat Von D. [CW]


cat Meowingtons


Meowingtons - deadmau5 | Alternative Press pets list

Speaking of deadmau5, his cat Meowingtons is the cover star of his latest album, >album title goes here< and somewhat of a muse to the EDM producer. [CW]



Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)

Pet: Vizsla puppy named Bearenstain

Pete Wentz | Alternative Pets list

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has always been one to have a pup in his life. From his English bulldog Hemingway Wentz to the latest addition to his family, a Vizsla puppy named Bearenstain. Wentz’s four-year-old son Bronx named the puppy after The Berenstain Bears series. Perhaps FOB fans may see Bearenstain hitting the road and becoming the next tour pup this summer. [MB]



Just because…


Lucy | Alternative Pets list

AKA: Princess Tinyhead. Our resident office dog and primary “Alternative Pet.” She can be seen roaming our halls with her human, marketing director Dawn Marshman. [CW] 



Thiago | Alternative Pets list

Top dog AP founder Mike Shea’s top dog (literally). [CW]

Bowie and Louise



Bowie and Louise | Alternative Press pets list

Editor in chief Jason Pettigrew’s two barky-assed shelties. AKA: Prince Tiny Bladder and Weezy. [CW]




Mia | Alternative Press pets list

Managing editor Scott Heisel’s pooch, often seen playing fetch in the hallway with a “Bounce” ball courtesy of the Cab. [CW]


Doctor Zeropercent

Doctor Zeropercent | Alternative Press pets list

My handsome cockatiel minion who just turned two. He had to play intern one day while our secret hideout was compromised. [CW]