aol instant messenger aim away messages
[Photo by: K W Reinsch/Flickr]

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people are spending way more time at home than usual. We’ve basically shifted to doing everything at home, including working, which has been a challenge at times. In the time of heightened virtual communication, it can be hard to be able to tune out the world and tell everyone to leave you alone like the days of AOL Instant Messenger because you’re always around. 

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It’s this recurring problem that has made us insanely nostalgic for AIM. In case you forgot, the chatroom that was popular in the late ’90s and 2000s and had plenty of amazing features but none were better than the away message

In the away message portion of your profile, you could really let people know how you feel. If you were sad, you told people so they would either reach out to help or leave you the hell alone. Imagine if we had this power in 2020 with platforms such as Zoom and Slack—the ability to, in the angstiest and most emo way possible, tell people to stop bothering you. 

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We decided to figure out which AIM away message you were making in high school (and wish you could leave in 2020) based on your at-home routine. Maybe it will inspire you to let your true feelings be known online or at least make you laugh for a few minutes.