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How well do you know the lyrics to “Getaway Green” by All Time Low?

Do you know all the words to All Time Low’s new track?

May 31, 2019
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While All Time Low claimed that they’re taking a break, their performance at Slam Dunk Festival says otherwise. The band had an epic set, which included “Break Your Little Heart” assisted by Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight. However, this wasn’t the only mega moment in their set as the band played through a new song, “Getaway Green” for the first time.

While the track hasn’t officially hit streaming services yet, we couldn’t help but wonder, are you a true ATL hustler? Take the quiz below to find out!

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More on All Time Low

The new song comes shortly after Gaskarth shared when the band will start working on their next album.

Gaskarth says that this summer will provide a “nice window” for the guys to begin their next endeavor. With blink-182 taking on some hefty ventures of their own, such as their massive tour with Lil Wayne and Neck Deep, Gaskarth’s project with frontman Mark HoppusSimple Creatures, will be taking a bit of a breather.

“We are kicking music around. We are sending ideas back and forth. We are starting to get into the nitty gritty of it,” Gaskarth says.

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“I think in the summer when blink gets busy and we put the pin in Simple Creatures for the minute, there’s going to be a nice window of time for all four of us get together, get in a room and start looking at the demos I’ve written, and breaking those down.”

Gaskarth goes on to say that work on their next album will likely take place during 2019 and 2020, as he said in a previous interview.

“Also, just start writing as the four of us again, and figuring out what the next version of All Time Low is going to sound like, which is super-exciting right now. Coming off the tail-end of Last Young Renegades, which was a little pocket universe of a record for us, I think it will be really cool to break out of that and kinda get back into what makes All Time Low, All Time Low, and figuring out what that is in 2019/2020.”

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However, Gaskarth then says the time away from All Time Low has been, in some ways, beneficial, noting that his time spent with Simple Creatures has given him a great platform to experiment.

“That being said, everybody has got their own thing going on: Zack [Merrick] has been tinkering around with island life, making the world a better place; Rian [Dawson] has got his studio in Nashville, he’s been working on a lot of bands and diving into a lot of genres; and even Jack [Barakat] has been dabbling around with new music with some of our writer friends – I’ll probably let him talk about that, as it’s not my place. It’s cool everybody’s got a minute to clear their heads and do their own things. It lets people refocus, and when we come back to All Time Low world everybody is kicked into high gear. It’s been refreshing.”

How did you do on the quiz? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Marvin Dotiyal