rock on hands concert crowd death metal band logos
[Photo via Edward Xu/Unsplash]

Death-metal bands have long held the tradition of having nearly unreadable logos. Capturing scratchy, drippy, gore-obsessed designs, they immediately make you think, “What the hell does that say?”

In the years since pioneers such as Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel or Deicide have crafted vile-looking logos that were semi-readable, death-metal bands have gone to the absolute extreme in their designs, with logos acting as much as a piece of art as the music itself. 

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How well do you think you can read death-metal logos, though? Find out how skilled you are by guessing the band based on these 20 logos.

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Like many, Carnifex were forced to cancel tour over the coronavirus pandemic, and they’ve revealed how hard it affected them.

Through all of their costs, Carnifex lost a total of around $250,000 by canceling their tour dates with 3TEETH. Vocalist Scott Ian Lewis estimates that he personally is looking at $60,000 in losses. 

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Those numbers come from everything from merch printing, shipping instruments, crew costs, promotions, travel accommodations and more. Many rising bands have to front a lot of these costs themselves when heading on tour. While typically they can guarantee they’ll make their money back based on previous tour sales and numbers, a pandemic throws a massive wrench in those plans. 

The bands were set to embark on a month-long outing March 13, right around the time when all concerts and large event gatherings were being banned. Now, instead of ending a successful run, they’re facing colossal bills without a future of touring anywhere in sight. 

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