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Bring Me The Horizon and YUNGBLUD have finally dropped their collab “Obey,” an ultra-heavy track that comments on all the unrest going on in the world today. 

The two artists have been teasing their collaboration since July, finally dropping it Sept. 2 via BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac

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Since we first heard the song, it’s all we’ve been playing, so we’re definitely starting to memorize the lyrics. We’re guessing you’ve done the same, so we wanted to test your knowledge of the collab’s lyrics.

You can see if you remember all the lyrics to “Obey” below.

More on Bring Me The Horizon and YUNGBLUD

When the song first premiered on Annie Mac’s show, YUNGBLUD and BMTH’s Oli Sykes revealed how the collaboration came to be and what “Obey” is all about.

“I think I was waiting for that phone call my entire life,” YUNGBLUD says. “Bring Me The Horizon was such a massive part of my soul as an artist.”

Sykes and Jordan Fish spent about two days working on the song, and it was half complete before they decided to send it through to YUNGBLUD. YUNGBLUD shares that he said “yes” to the collaboration very quickly.

Amid the ongoing protests and demand for justice, Sykes says “Obey” is reflective of what’s going on in the world right now.

“This year, if it’s taught us anything, if you believe in something, you need to stand up for it,” Sykes shares. “It’s not enough to believe and just quietly support it. You have to align yourself with what you believe in. This song is all about that. The conversation is open now where people aren’t taking the crap that they used to take with inequality and climate change.”

Shortly after premiering the song, they also dropped a video, where Sykes and YUNGBLUD are at the controls of two skyscraper-sized robots. As they continue to dominate over the city below them while showing off their dance moves, the robots eventually cross paths with each other. You can check out that video here. 

“Obey” is part of BMTH’s forthcoming releases. Bring Me The Horizon are currently working on four different EPs that will be unveiled over the next year. Each release will fall under the album name Post Human. Both “Parasite Eve” and 2019’s “Ludens” will be on the first EP.

How well did you remember the lyrics to “Obey”? Sound off in the comments below!