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Evanescence are about to release their new album, Synthesis, which features reimagined recordings of their classic songs. One of the tracks is “Bring Me To Life,” the lead single from the band’s debut album.

The song was released over 14 years ago on April 22, 2003, so this quiz is going to really test your memory.

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Do you still remember the lyrics to “Bring Me To Life”? Are you 100 percent sure? Take the quiz and find out:

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As Evanescence prepare to release Synthesis, their fourth studio album, the group debuted the reworked version of “Bring Me To Life,” a new take on the band’s classic.

According to frontwoman Amy Lee, it’s as though the reworked, orchestral version is new to her again, differing from the original version included on the band’s 2003 album, Fallen.

“’Bring Me To Life’ is new to me again after 15 years,” Lee explains. “It’s difficult to explain how good that makes me feel. Having the chance to incorporate things I’ve heard in my head throughout that long period of time, nuances from the way I sing it live, just pouring the weight and perspective of the life I’ve lived now back into that root—it’s pure satisfaction.”

The band are currently finishing up their newest album, and in addition to the re-imagined catalog songs, their forthcoming album will feature two new songs.

“This album is about orchestra and electronica. We’re taking our music, stripping out the big distorted guitars, stripping out the rock drums and replacing it with full orchestration and a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds,” Lee explained in the announcement.

“It is the synthesis, the combination, the contrast, the synergy between the organic and the synthetic, also the past and present,” the vocalist continues.

Hear “Bring Me To Life” (Synthesis) here.

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