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Believe it or not, Gym Class Heroes’ big hit featuring Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy came out in 2005. That’s right: “Cupid’s Chokehold / Breakfast In America” from The Papercut Chronicles turns 15 this year. The original music video even featured a young Katy Perry before her global stardom. 

This wasn’t the only time the two artists collaborated. In 2007, Stump appeared on another Gym Class Heroes track, “Clothes Off!!” The music video makes nods to the original “Cupid’s Chokehold” visual they worked on two years prior. 

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This iconic Myspace tune blended rap and rock elements, shaping alternative music as we know it today. Since its release, Fall Out Boy have risen to be one of the biggest rock bands in the world, gearing up to tour with the likes of Green Day and Weezer on the Hella Mega tour. Gym Class Heroes went on to collaborate with the chart-topping Adam Levine of Maroon 5, and frontman/rapper Travie McCoy even worked with Bruno Mars. 

Take the quiz below to see if you remember all the lyrics to this 2005 crossover event. 

More on Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz dropped a new song called “Check Your Phone” with a project named Cheap Cuts. Along with the release of the new song, Wentz is also giving a new interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music to talk about reaching out to friends and family right now and more.

The track features some laid-back instrumentals, with Wentz giving a rambling, spoken-word vocal delivery. The track was produced by award-winning British songwriter Jonny Harris as well as Jack Leonard.

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“The more we developed the song, translated it into different languages and then collaborated with Pete, we realized the whole world had got itself in a big anxious hurry without realizing,” Cheap Cuts offers. “It’s as if we all heard Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen at the end of the 90s, and decided to ignore every bit of advice in that song. To me, that’s what check your phone is about.”

Wentz also gave his thoughts on the track and his lyrical inspiration.

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“It’s funny to have everything in the world in a device at the tip of my fingers and feel like it is swallowing me whole sometimes,” he shares. “Without a doubt, my phone has made touring, staying in touch and finding out random actors who voiced GI Joe characters from the 80s cartoon easier.  But my addiction to it is complicated – the last thing I look to at night is its hazy blur, and it is the first text message that jolts me awake in the morning. 

“To me this song is about the anxiety it gives me, but at the same time, the way I feel a bit lighter when I watch a video on it of raccoons walking around like people or whatever. It is messy and filled with complex, opposing perspectives that seem to contradict each other – just like us.”

You can check it out here.