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The world of Harry Potter has captured our attention since the release of the first book in 1997. Nearly 23 years later, fans all over the world celebrate the magic of the wizarding world. The beauty of this series is that many of us grew up with the characters, fighting the basilisk and Death Eaters right alongside our fictional allies. 

If you think you know your Dementors from your Dursleys, then you have come to the right place. The Mirror of Erised shows you the deepest, most desperate desire of your heart. Unless getting a perfect score on this quiz is yours, there’s no way to achieve it. 

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More on Harry Potter

Accio Harry Potter store. Here it shall be. It has been 12 years since the Harry Potter saga ended with The Deathly HallowsThe Cursed Child play reinvigorated the series, as well as the Fantastic Beasts run of movies.

But there’s some great news for Harry Potter fans. The iconic wizard and Warner Bros. will be opening the very first Harry Potter flagship store in New York City, located next to the iconic Flatiron building on Broadway.

The Harry Potter store is set to open this summer, which will be three floors and over 20,000 square feet. Many stores sell merchandise, but this will be the first fully dedicated store. A news release discussed the materials within the store.

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“Opening in summer 2020, the store will house the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products in the world under one roof with everything from personalized robes and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans to a brand-new range of house wands with a design exclusive to the New York location,” the release says.

“Spanning three floors and over 20,000 sq. ft., the space will provide fans with a number of exciting retail experiences that evoke the magic of the Wizarding World.”

Personalized robes are enough to get us excited. We wonder if it’ll be like a store in Daytona Beach where you pick an airbrush design and they put it on your robe. Knowing the attention to detail that J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers have, we’re excited to see what happens.

With the upcoming store being located at 935 Broadway next to the Flatiron Building, it’s sure to attract visitors from all around the globe. The Senior Vice President of Tours and Retail at Warner Brothers Sarah Roots issued a statement addressing the tourism about the building.

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“This will be the largest dedicated Harry Potter store in the world and will become a must-visit fan destination where Harry Potter enthusiasts can engage with interactive experiences and numerous photo opportunities as they step into the magic,” Roots says.

“We are very excited to be opening in New York. It’s the ideal city in which to launch with so many dedicated Wizarding World fans, a cutting-edge retail environment and a community that embraces innovative experiences.”

The Harry Potter store will arrive this summer. Not many details are known, including the name. We’ll call it the store that must not be named until we know. Maybe if we take a Felix Felicis, we’ll get more details.