marilyn manson video screenshots
[Photos via YouTube]

We’re all very excited for whenever Marilyn Manson finally drops his 11th full-length record which is expected to come sometime this year. If there’s one thing we know for sure about the new record based on what’s happened with previous Manson albums, the music videos will be incredible.

With just a few months left in the year and Manson saying the album will definitely be out before 2019 is over, we figured it would be a great time to test out your knowledge of his videos. Can you identify the Manson video from a single screenshot? Test out your skills with the quiz below!

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More on Marilyn Manson

Funko Pop! has done a spectacular job at creating toys for some of our favorite musicians, and their latest addition is none other than Marilyn Manson. The shock-rock icon’s dark imagery comes to life in the most adorable way and marks another toy in the company’s expansion into classic horror and macabre themes. 

The new Manson figure comes just shortly after the announcement of the Rob Zombie Funko Pop! which is coming soon. Now, fans of both of the Hell Never Dies “Twins of Evil” tour co-headliners will be able to have miniature figures sitting on their shelf.

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Few details have been shared so far, but the concept can be seen here.

The Manson Pop! figure is set to be released in February 2020, while the Rob Zombie one is arriving in November of this year. While it’s amazing that Manson and Zombie are getting their own figures now, it’s surprising Zombie didn’t get one sooner. The new Funko figure comes five years after Zombie’s House Of 1000 Corpses character Captain Spaulding received his own unique vinyl toy.