Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Pop Punk Quizzes, “Do You Remembers” & Beyond

Looking to figure out which Panic! At The Disco song you definitely shouldn’t play at your wedding – but definitely probably will? Can you recite the intro monologue to My Chemical Romance’s iconic “I’m Not OKAY (I Promise)” music video verbatim? Do you relate to Jughead more than any other ‘Riverdale’ character? Think you really remember your emo glory days? Test your pop punk lyrics knowledge and credibility against the real OG’s of the scene. Share your trivia results far and wide. Oh, and good luck!


2007 albums

QUIZ: Which 2007 album are you?

Only 10 short years ago, we were graced with classic albums such as All Time Low's So Wrong, It’s Right and Circa Survive's On Letting Go. We dreamed up this...
car radio twenty one pilots

QUIZ: How well do you know the lyrics to twenty one pilots’ “Car Radio”?

Calling all twenty one pilots fans! So you think you're a diehard fan? Let's put you to the ultimate test, then. How well do you know the...
beyonce or pop punk

QUIZ: Is this a Beyoncé lyric or a pop punk lyric?

Genres and scenes aside, we all know Beyoncé is the queen. In fact, a bunch of her lyrics would be perfectly at home in pop punk—at least,...
misery business paramore

How well do you know the lyrics to “Misery Business” by Paramore?

June 12 marks the nine-year anniversary of Paramore's sophomore album, Riot!. To celebrate, we're testing your knowledge of the band's mainstream breakout single, "Misery Business." But beware—it might be...
blink 182 pop punk quiz

QUIZ: Which pop-punk band are you?

Take the quiz below!

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