Monday, May 25, 2020


Pop Punk Quizzes, “Do You Remembers” & Beyond

Looking to figure out which Panic! At The Disco song you definitely shouldn’t play at your wedding – but definitely probably will? Can you recite the intro monologue to My Chemical Romance’s iconic “I’m Not OKAY (I Promise)” music video verbatim? Do you relate to Jughead more than any other ‘Riverdale’ character? Think you really remember your emo glory days? Test your pop punk lyrics knowledge and credibility against the real OG’s of the scene. Share your trivia results far and wide. Oh, and good luck!


Corey Taylor Slipknot

Can you match the Slipknot lyric to the correct album?

Over the course of their two-decade long career, Slipknot have set themselves up as one of the biggest acts in metal with an obsessively rabid fanbase. They’ve...
matt skiba alkaline trio

Do you remember the lyrics to “Radio” by Alkaline Trio?

It’s hard to believe we’ve been screaming “Radio” at the top of our lungs for two decades now, but it’s true. Today marks 20 years since Alkaline Trio...
jeffree star

Which Jeffree Star makeup should you try based on your music taste?

Jeffree Star and his makeup line are downright iconic. He has created an empire filled with tons of products that we just can’t get enough of.  With so...
jeffree star music video myspace

Build your Myspace page and we’ll give you a scene name

While you’ve moved on to lip-syncing on TikTok, it’s hard to forget our side-swept, glitter GIF-covered roots circa mid-2000s Myspace. With the Rawring ’20s in full effect,...
Dashboard Confessional Screaming Infidelities

Can you remember “Screaming Infidelities” by Dashboard Confessional?

Dashboard Confessional are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, and it all started with The Swiss Army Romance at the turn of the century. The acclaimed record...
gerard way emo trivia

QUIZ: How much emo trivia do you really know?

We at AltPress hold the emo title in high regard and fully embrace all subsects of fans who proudly stand under the genre’s umbrella without discretion, only...
underoath music videos

Can you guess this Underoath video from a single screenshot?

Underoath have seen their share of change, from breakups to important members stepping away to a different sound on every album they’ve put out since Spencer Chamberlain...

Which ‘Friends’ character are you based on your music taste?

In case you haven’t heard, Friends is finally getting its long-awaited reunion special. The special will feature all original six cast members, and we can’t contain our...
shock rock marilyn manson alice cooper

Which shock rock artist are you most like?

Rock and metal musicians have long been viewed as strange, intriguing and even terrifying by the mainstream, yet some go so far, they get pushed into shock...
alternative movie couples

Which alternative movie couple are you based on your music taste?

From The Nightmare Before Christmas to Edward Scissorhands, some of our favorite films have gifted us with iconic alternative couples who we long to be. With the chocolate-infused...

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