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There’s a special place in our hearts for iconic and moving albums such as the third studio album by Paramore, Brand New Eyes. Debuting September 29, 2009, via Fueled by Ramen, we were blessed with classic and timeless tracks such as “Ignorance” and “Brick by Boring Brick.” 

A decade after its release, the tracks from this album are still making playlists and finding themselves in deep rotation in the music libraries of scene kids everywhere. Now, 10 years later, it’s time to see how well you can recall this Brand New Eyes trivia.

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More on Paramore

Earlier this month, Paramore announced their collab with Crap Eyewear with a letter that gave fans a heart attack. After the realization sank in that they were not breaking up, many were thrilled for the rose-colored glasses collab.

The band took to social media to post a photo of a letter, revealing the rose-colored glasses collaboration. You can read the statement below.

“Dear Friend,

Thank you for purchasing our signature rose-colored glasses, which were lovingly crafted by Crap Eyewear in collaboration with us. Though life isn’t always rosy, we all deserve to pretend a little sometimes. These should help.

In light of Paramore’s current absence from the outside world, we thought it’d be fun to remind you that the time we shared with you during After Laughter was one of the happiest in our band’s career, thus far.

Thank you for understanding that we are taking a really nice break after grinding away for nearly 15 years! It’s so good to have a moment to just “be”. Consider this our way of encouraging you to do the same and to take care of yourself however you feel is best.

Paramore forever. We love you.”

To no one’s surprise, the glasses sold out shortly after being launched on the Crap Eyewear websiteStill, we’re holding out hope for a restock in the near future.