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[Photo by: Lindsey Byrnes]

Think you’re a huge Paramore fan? We bet you are—so put your skills to the test right here! And don’t worry, if you fall short, you can always take it again.

Once you’ve mastered this one, be sure to see how well you really know the lyrics to “Rose-Colored Boy.” You can also test your knowledge even further by seeing if you can identify a Paramore video from a single screenshot and guess the album based upon a single song lyric.

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Ready to test your Paramore knowledge? Start below!

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Paramore‘s Hayley Williams teamed up with stark songster Mike Kinsella on the latter musician’s upcoming effort with his linchpin emo band, American Football.

The upcoming LP3 from the veteran Illinois act is due March 22 from Polyvinyl Records, as reported by BrooklynVegan, and features Williams on “Uncomfortably Numb.”

And while Kinsella’s seemingly doing his best to invert Pink Floyd song titles (his older brother, Joan of Arc‘s Tim Kinsella, did the same two decades ago), the singer and songwriter has also enlisted the talents of both Slowdive‘s Rachel Goswell and Land Of Talk‘s Elizabeth Powell elsewhere on the imminent new AF full-length.

But the album’s architect warns that the music therein isn’t simply the throwback emo of old. Kinsella cites song length and advanced instrumentation as accoutrements that have been added to the band’s sonic maturation.

“We’re not 23-year-old petulant kids now,” offers Kinsella. “We’re adults making concessions, and you appreciate what everyone is doing. If there’s something cool happening at the end, let’s ride it out. Let’s add a children’s choir, or vibraphones, or ringing bells. You can’t deny how long the songs are, but you’ll miss stuff if you turn it off.”