pierce the veil
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Honestly, we’re never not in the mood to listen to some Pierce the Veil. Remaining staples for more than a decade, their songs have become necessary additions to any playlist that we’ll proudly listen to on repeat. 

The band are gearing up to drop an album this year, so we thought it would be appropriate to take a walk down memory lane and test your knowledge of some Pierce the Veil lyrics. 

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Take our quiz below to see if you can match the right lyrics to the correct Pierce the Veil album.

More on Pierce The Veil

While hard at work on their new album, Pierce The Veil frontman Vic Fuentes teased some new music. In a series of Instagram stories, the singer showed us how he uses his software to layer his vocals.

Fuentes shows us the melody of the song and then how he layers them with harmonies and falsetto. While what we do hear is incredibly brief, Fuentes ends the videos by saying he can’t wait until we hear the song.

Fuentes used Pierce The Veil’s social account instead of his own to demonstrate the recording process.

In the series of videos, Fuentes starts off by talking about what he’s doing.

So I’m working on a demo right now. I’m working on a vocal harmony part. And as some of you might know from listening to our music that I love to do tons of vocal harmonies, tons of moving, swirling, layered things with my voice. And I’m working on a part like that right now. I thought I might show you guys how I do it. 

Fuentes then plays for us his stacked vocals and continues to build the layering until he plays all of the recordings together. He finishes by discussing the demo.

“And that’s how I do it,” Fuentes says. “Hope you guys liked this. Can’t wait to show you the song.” Watch the videos here.