pop punk trivia quiz
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So you passed our basic pop-punk quiz? Congratulations. You are, at least, a warm-weather fan. You probably wore a black tie with a beat-up T-shirt at least once. You went to Warped Tour a couple of times. We’re sure there’s a pair of Dickies buried somewhere in your closet. 

Now, it’s time to take it to another level. We get it: You know the hits. But what about the B-sides? Do you know your pop-punk history? Let’s see if you can pass our ultimate pop-punk quiz.

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More on pop-punk

Your next pop-punk show is likely months away given the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean some of your favorite artists aren’t finding other ways to stay busy.

Mark Hoppus is no stranger to taking to Twitch to pass the time. Typically accompanied by his son Jack, the blink-182 frontman has been hitting the site to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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He’s revealed the Tom DeLonge era song the band will never play live and addressed those recent reunion rumors. Hoppus has also played through some blink and +44 tracks, the latter more than once.

Now, earlier this month, Hoppus returned to Twitch to play The Last Of Us II. The frontman busted out his guitar yet again (well, kind of…) to play another blink classic, “Dammit.”

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During his stream, Hoppus can be seen working through the Dude Ranch track on the guitar that is played by video game character Ellie. The guitar uses the PS4’s touchpad to strum along, and the tuning can be changed to allow for various chords to be performed.

Of course, Hoppus added his own vocals to the performance, giving the pop-punk classic a whole new spin. Check out the performance here.