QUIZ: Is it an emo or a country lyric?

QUIZ: Emos vs. Cowboys—Is it a country or emo lyric?

Emo and country music may not be as different as they seem. Put your knowledge to the test!

May 29, 2018
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In the realm of genre, emo and country seem to be on polar opposite sides of the spectrum. Or are they? 

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Country music seems to infiltrate every single space you occupy—hell, it even made its way onto our website. (Never thought we’d say that.) Whether you love it or hate it (you probably hate it), there are some true country gems that slap.

Take this quiz below to see if you can guess which lyrics belong to your beloved emos and which lyrics are home to cowboy bops.

More on emo and country

Taylor Swift started her career in country music, but, believe it or not, even while she crooned about “Tim McGraw” and strutted across the stage in sequin cowboy boots, she was a rubber-bracelet-wearing, Hot Topic-graphic-tee-buying teen who was actually into bands from the Warped Tour scene.

During fall 2008, around the release of her sophomore album Fearless, 19-year-old Swift started documenting her crazy touring life, recording and editing video blogs to post on her Myspace page. Naturally, she used her favorite songs at the time to soundtrack the videos. For her Thanksgiving 2008 vlog, her jam was “About A Girl” by the Academy Is… In the video’s description, she wrote, “All put to the musical brilliance of William Beckett/TAI.”

Also in 2008, during an episode of MTV’s short-lived reality series Once Upon A Prom, Swift and her best friend Abigail wore Boys Like Girls merch: Abigail donning a light-pink graphic tee and Swift rocking a purple and gold BLG logo zip-up. See more on both videos here.

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