Corey Taylor Slipknot
[Photo by: Julia Nemesheimer]

Over the course of their two-decade long career, Slipknot have set themselves up as one of the biggest acts in metal with an obsessively rabid fanbase. They’ve created some of the most well-known lyrics in the genre throughout their discography that will live on long after they call it a day as a band. 

Do you think you can match Slipknot lyrics to the correct albums? Test out your knowledge on the band with the quiz below.

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More on Slipknot

Corey Taylor of Slipknot isn’t just pretending to be a badass character during shows. The singer recently injured his first minutes before a stop in Helsinki, Finland, but powered through anyway.

While out in support of their latest We Are Not Your Kind, Taylor was involved in a minor accident as an oxygen tank fell on his foot. While Taylor believed it to be broken, he still continued on.

“As I was coming up on the stage, an oxygen tank fell from a case and landed on my foot, and I’m fairly certain I have broken bones in my foot,” Taylor told the crowd. “There’s no way that we’re not fucking playing this fucking show. I’m just letting you know. I may have to hobble around and just fight through it. But I’m gonna give you everything I’ve got, God damn it. Are you giving give me everything you’ve fucking got?”

Don’t worry, though, maggots. The Slipknot frontman is OK. His wife, Alicia, later confirmed that nothing was broken. 

“No, Corey didn’t break anything!” she tweeted. “An oxygen tank that was stored on a case fell on his foot as he was walking on stage. Yeah it hurt, that’s like a frozen turkey landing on your foot. But he powered through like the beast he is- iced it, and was alright the next day, just sore.”

Like many artists, Slipknot have canceled gigs planned for the near future amid coronavirus concerns including their Asia tour and Knotfest Japan. Currently, their next show will be the stacked Sonic Temple Festival lineup in May followed by Rocklahoma. Soon after, their second Knotfest Roadshow will hit the road with A Day To Remember, Underoath and Code Orange. Keep posted on the status of all upcoming shows here.