terrible fan art quiz
[Photo via Twitter/poorlydrawnpunk]

Fan art can be nothing short of exceptional with so many incredibly talented music fans out there. For those of us who are not as fortunate to be blessed with artistic talent, band drawings are displayed in a more comical fashion. Poorly drawn band accounts can be found all throughout Twitter, taking stick figure artwork to an entirely new and hilarious level.

From poorly drawn Panic! At The Disco to badly drawn Paramore accounts, see if you can recognize these bands and artists based on the terrible fan art.

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More on fan art

Fan art can take on many different forms. From small, knitted dolls to intense eyeliner looks, there really is no limit for unconventional pieces.

Earlier this year, Dance Gavin Dance frontman Tilian Pearson was given a painting from a fan who claimed it was a portrait of him. However, there’s something about the painting that seems vaguely familiar…

Is that Andy Black?

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Pearson took to Twitter to share a photo of the painting with the caption, “Someone brought us a painting and claimed it was a portrait of me but it’s definitely @andyblack.”

Forget the blue-and-black or white-and-gold dress debate—do you see Andy or Tilian?!

Either way, it’s definitely a great painting.

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If you haven’t already, you can check out Pearson and more on the latest track from Don Broco. “ACTION” features Pearson, Tyler Carter, Caleb Shomo of Beartooth and Taka Moriuchi of ONE OK ROCK.

The music video features some incredible stop-motion work where all of our featured vocalists can be seen as kickass action figures.

Check out the music video for “ACTION” below!