The quickly rising singer ALX dropped a pop-infused new single and video for his latest single, “Run Out.”

The song, released through Sony Music Entertainment/Alamo Records, marks the artist’s second single in 2021 since the release of “Right Guy” in June.

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The video, directed by Tommy Nowels and produced by July, feels like an entire summer compressed into a single song. The visual begins with ALX jumping into a stream from the top of a bridge and then progresses into him casually riding a dirt bike. A more chaotic scene finds the artist tied to a telephone pole, which is juxtaposed in a subsequent visual of him under a smiley-faced parachute. 

Other scenes involve the artist lying with his hands bound in a field, getting a tattoo and having a bonfire. The video ends with him standing outside of an apartment, where a nameless person emerges. The singer looks at the person with satisfaction, as if seeing them was the goal all along. With all of the summertime themes and watersport adventures, the visual feels remarkably Floridian. Fittingly, the only editor credited on the video’s YouTube page is “FloridaMan.”

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Like many songs in the Florida native’s short discography, “Run Out” features cool, strummed guitar chords, catchy hooks and flirtatious lyrics. The singer’s melodic voice is in the forefront here, expertly harmonizing between high and low layers with a soulful delivery. Pair that with an anthemic-sounding piano riff and expertly produced beats and it’s the perfect club song. Meanwhile, the video and all of the outdoor recreation it showcases lets fans know it’s the ideal summertime song.

Whereas “Right Guy” showed the breakthrough singer struggling with the type of partner he wants to be in a relationship, “Run Out” focuses on the earlier parts of courting.

Throughout the song, the singer explains the tribulations and insecurities that come with forming a romantic connection with someone. “Swear to God, you got it out for me/Just trying to find out what you want from me,” ALX sings in the chorus. 

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Along with the video, the singer also announced a new branded T-shirt via Instagram on his website to go along with the song. You can find the new merch here.


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More on ALX

Alex Fike, known professionally as ALX, is an up-and-coming alternative star from Naples, Florida. Writing songs that focus on the honesty and intention involved with romance, the artist has gained a large following in a short time despite a relatively small discography. His debut EP, The Fantasy, came out 2020 and immediately established a devoted fanbase. His forthcoming EP, Yes, is set to drop in July, according to an Instagram post from the artist.

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