There are almost no limits when it comes to hair colors.

Stylists and beauty enthusiasts constantly amaze us with the looks they are able to create with a little time, some hair dye and a person with a head of hair brave enough to rock any style.

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While we love a good lavender dye job or a few pink streaks, we are always looking for new style inspirations that push the boundaries. Here are 25 amazing hair colors that make us want to run to the salon right away.

  1. A perfect pink ombre

What shall we name this beauty? ? #theblondologist

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  1. This vibrant, multicolor head that a box of crayons would be envious of

  1. Vibrant yellow braids perfect for summer

"Look at god" ?: @ohboibk #nofliter

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  1. A sweet pastel fashion statement that looks like it belongs in a candy store

  1. Teal feather part for just a hint of edginess

  1. Pink and purple curls that are fulfilling our teenage dreams

  1. Multidimensional green with matching eyebrows

  1. An extra long bright blue ponytail makes this person look like a scene version of Rapunzel that we can’t get enough of

  1. Colorful ends that are completely mesmerizing

Substance or trickery?

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  1. Cotton candy curls that are almost too cute

  1. A complete rainbow from bangs to bun

  1. Neon braids that are unlike anything we’ve seen before


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  1. Bright blue bop with a twist at the end