Cody Fern, AKA Antichrist Michael Langdon, thought he was playing a completely different character when cast for American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

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Speaking with The Hollywood ReporterFern revealed that showrunner Ryan Murphy didn't exactly tell him all the details when cast. “[Murphy] told me that I’d be playing this character who would have very long, blonde hair and an affinity for capes,” Fern said.

“The way that he described the character was as if he was the protagonist, and that Sarah [Paulson]’s character — who I now understand is really Venable and Cordelia — is the antagonist.”

Under the impression that he “ultimately was a good guy,” Fern didn't know he'd be playing Antichrist Michael Langdon until receiving the final draft of the script. He even thought his name would be  Elijah Cross.

That being said, Fern still doesn't believe that Michael is 100% evil, explaining, "I’m not looking at [the world] through the eyes of someone who is evil or malevolent, or who wants the world to end. I’m looking at it through the eyes of someone who is lost.”

“He wasn’t born with this idea that he has to end the world. He was born with a compulsion and now that compulsion has become personal.”

Fern didn't reveal much about the rest of the season, but did tease that the conclusion is “satisfying and overwhelming and fun and tragic,” adding “there’s going to be a battle and it’s going to be surprising. It’s not going to go the way we all think it’s going to go.”

This isn't the first time that Ryan Murphy has tricked an actor on American Horror Story. Emma Roberts told Variety that during Coven's production, the showrunner had told all of the actors portraying witches that they were the Supreme. "We were all walking around like, 'Ugh, no one knows, but I’m the Supreme,'" she said. "And then later, we all told each other."

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