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Ryan Murphy has a new project with two 'American Horror Story' actors

American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy is saying he has a new project in the works involving AHS stars Leslie Jordan and Dylan McDermott.

In a post on his Instagram account, Murphy asks fans what kind of project they think it should be while revealing very little about what it actually will be.

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On top of American Horror Story, Murphy has worked on GleeScream QueensNip/Tuck and tons more.

In 2018, Murphy signed a colossal deal with Netflix worth $300 million over five years. This marked “the most lucrative TV pact in history” according to Time story on how Murphy became one of the most sought after writers.

He has numerous projects in the works right now but his latest he’s revealing involves two stars from American Horror Story.

Starring actor Dylan McDermott, as well as guest star Leslie Jordan, are working on a new project with Murphy but few details are available.

His Instagram post from yesterday (May 3) reveals the pair will be starring in the project but not much else.

“So yes it’s TRUE I am writing a project for national treasures Leslie Jordan and Dylan McDermott to star in together. Should it be a romance? A buddy comedy? A heist movie? All I know is Leslie is going to be fabulously wealthy in it, and Dylan will have a backstory as a former masseur.”

McDermott starred in the series in various roles for several seasons from the beginning of the show. Jordan, on the other hand, was not a main cast member but had supporting guest roles in numerous seasons.

You can see his post below.

Are you excited for what the American Horror Story creator has in store for his new project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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