American Horror Story fans have been speculating what the theme of the Season 10 will be since time immemorial. Everything from the Salem Witch Trials to a Lovecraftian horror story is a definite possibility right now. 

Showrunner Ryan Murphy has posted two cryptic teasers regarding the upcoming season. Both of which are nautical-themed. So, is he just throwing us a curveball with his most recent post of Rubber Man, or will the American Horror Story mainstay actually be appearing in the upcoming season. 

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Ryan Murphy gave us our first tease of American Horror Story Season 10 back in February. The cast reveal showed waves gently lapping on a shore. We found out that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters would be returning, in addition to a newcomer, Macaulay Culkin joining the show. Also returning will be Kathy BatesLeslie GrossmanBillie LourdAdina PorterLily Rabe,  Angelica Ross and Finn Wittrock.


Then, Murphy shared another teaser, in the form of a poster. 

In it, the same dreary water as the cast reveal is in the background as someone—or something—crawls up what appears to be a cliff.

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Now, Murphy seems to be up to some trickery. 

He recently posted a picture of the infamous Rubber Man. The character made his appearance in the very first episode of the long-running show.


Murphy posting a picture of a show character isn't that odd, but the caption definitely makes an impression. Murphy captioned the picture of the Rubber Man by simply saying "Coming soon..." So what the hell does it mean? 

We will post a very minimal spoiler alert here just as a warning. If you are unfamiliar with Rubber Man and his history and origin in the American Horror Story universe, read up here.

Well, obviously, some fans think that Rubber Man is making another appearance in the show, much like he did in season eight, Apocalypse.  

Since we don't even know the theme of Season 10, it's hard to even theorize about what role the Rubber Man could play in it. 

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Other fans believe that there could be an upcoming season of deleted scenes from previous seasons. They would be cut together to explain some of the inconsistencies in the plot. The idea makes a bit of sense, seeing as the coronavirus pandemic has indefinitely delayed most, if not all, film and television production. 

The theory that makes the most sense, however, is that Murphy is simply referencing the Hulu watch along that is currently airing American Horror Story's first season, Murder House.

The only hole in this theory is that the Rubber Man is introduced in the very first episode. Why would Murphy say coming soon? 

It is also to be noted that Ryan Murphy previously talked about working on a secret season, with a very limited number of cast and crew members. Perhaps, Rubber Man is involved with the season, seeing as with COVID-19it might only be possible to film with a limited number of people. 

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Another interesting point made by fans is that the American Horror Story creator is now following two people on Instagram. Previously, Murphy only followed photographer David Miller. So, who is he following now? Ariana Grande. Grande appeared in another of Murphy's projects Scream Queens. So, it could just be something related to that. But, it could also be a hint that Granda may make an appearance in the upcoming season of American Horror Story. 

So, it's a giant mystery right now. Why would Murphy post a picture of Rubber Man and say coming soon? It is simply a red herring, or is Murphy trying to tell us something more? Check out some of the theories below. 


Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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