American Horror Story: Apocalypse may have brought the end of the world, but we're enjoying it every step of the way.

For those who have followed the show during their Murder House and Coven crossover season, you might have noticed a bunch of past characters getting their time back in the spotlight.

And while we're still in shock over the fact we saw Tate Langdon back on the screen, it appears that showrunner Ryan Murphy isn't done bringing back some of our past faves.

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We've been counting up the number of character that have returned this season, but as Pop Sugar points out, three key Coven favorites have yet to make their return to the show: Fiona Goode, Madame Delphine LaLaurie, and Marie Laveau.

While we haven't seen these characters come back, it doesn't seem like something that's entirely out of the question.

Jessica Lange (who played Fiona Goode) has already made her long-awaited return to the show for one episode, where she played her Murder House character, Constance Langdon. Kathy Bates (who played Madame Delphine LaLaurie) has also played a huge part in the season as Michael Langdon's caretaker (?) Miriam Mead.

Angela Bassett (who played Marie Laveau) has yet to make an official comeback, but a new Instagram post from Murphy suggests that all three will be making a return on the show...together.

The post in question was uploaded earlier today, and it shows the three in a group shot with the caption: "They Know What They Need To Do."


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They Know What They Need To Do

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Need to do...what? Stop Michael? We think so.

While it doesn't exactly give anything away, Pop Sugar points out that the photo could be hinting at the three character's return, explaining:

Lange's character in Coven was not only a fan-favorite, but a Supreme (one of the most powerful witches in the cover), so bringing her in to help Cordelia defeat Michael is a total possibility.

Plus, since Cordelia has already talked to Papa Legba this season on stopping Michael, it wouldn't be crazy to think she went back to see if he'd reconsider her offer and bring another big player, aka Marie Laveau, in to stop Michael.

With the already returned coven witches and the added two, Michael's defeat could be a possibility. While those two would make sense to bring back, Bates' Madame Delphine LaLaurie might be a little more complicated to logically return, since she's not really a witch.

We're not entirely sure what this all means, but we certainly hope these three AHS characters will be coming back for the final episode of the season!