American Hi-Fi will release their first album in five years, Blood & Lemonade, on September 16 via Rude Records. The band, who have been on a semi-hiatus, made the announcement to fans at a sold-out show two nights ago.

Singer Stacy Jones adds: "We can't wait for people to hear Blood & Lemonade! It's a return to a big guitar sound that is most reminiscent of our first album. I am so proud of the songs on this record. It looks like we have finally hit our stride in defining our sound. We recorded this album in my studio here in Los Angeles over the course of a few sessions. We tracked with all four of us playing live in the main room, then went back and did whatever overdubs we felt we needed; I think recording the majority of the record live lends itself to an energy that can't be captured any other way. We are proud to represent an era where musicians had to get in the garage with their friends, play cover songs, get in a van and play crappy gigs wherever they could, until they found their voice. Rock 'n' roll music at its best has, and will always be, created this way."

You can stream the album’s first single, “Allison,” below. Let us know what you think.