Andrew W.K. is attempting to set a new world record today by drumming for 24 consecutive hours during the O Music Awards. Additionally, the Jonas Brothers have agreed to kick off the “Live Music Day Festival,” the world’s largest online and mobile music festival, taking place exclusively during the live awards event, beginning June 19, 2013 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT and will last for 24 hours. “Live Music Day Festival” features more than 50 bands, five kittens, and one goat, according to the press release. Taking place in an Oakley retail store, some special guests will join Andrew W.K. throughout the attempt: ?uestlove [drummer of The Roots], Marky Ramone [a bandmate of Andrew W.K.], Chad Smith [Red Hot Chili Peppers], Nick Jonas [Jonas Brothers], Zac Hanson [Hanson], Liberty DeVitto [former Billy Joel drummer] and others.

Check out the live streaming video below:

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Before attempting what he calls a "feat of rhythmic endurance" that will push him to the "party limits," Andrew W.K. had some encouraging words to say:

"I'm calling upon all the positive party power I can summon from above and below, from inside my own soul, and from the generous energy of all the amazing drummers who'll be playing with me. Please give me your strength, so I may not only endure this ordeal, but make it an inspiring team achievement for us all! When it's time to party, we will always drum hard."


DISCLAIMER: We suspect that this feat is not Guinness World Record official.