Andy Biersack has been hard at work, promoting Black Veil Bride’s new album Vale for the last year. But all the while, Biersack has been busy with his upcoming Andy Black projects.

The singer/songwriter is planning to release his second solo record under the pseudonym with the first being 2016’s The Shadow Side. Yesterday, he finally revealed the name of the upcoming record and some surprise news with it.

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“I’m so excited to finally be able to share the news about The Ghost Of Ohio graphic novel and upcoming solo record,” Biersack says.

Biersack explains that the solo record is based on the comic book, which is why the projects share a name. He will talk more about the projects at the New York Comic Con, where he’s appearing on a panel titled, “From the stage to the page: musicians creating comic books” this weekend.

He also teased the announcement on his social media with the hashtag #Iamtheghost.

The Ghost Of Ohio comic book will take place in southwestern Ohio, where Biersack himself hails from. Biersack says that it spans across different time periods. Z2 Comics is publishing The Ghost Of Ohio, featuring artwork from artist Eryk Donovan.

Donovan is best known for his artistic creations with the Batman comic series. Biersack says Batman was one of the comic-book characters that inspired him and even got him interested in rock music.

“The truth is that I would never have discovered my love of rock music without my passion for comic books and characters like Batman and Spawn, which ultimately lead me to larger than life bands like KISS and the Misfits,” Biersack says.

Working on the graphic novel is a huge dream of Biersack’s. He emphasized his gratitude toward the Z2 Comics team for working with him on the process.

“To be able to combine my love of the graphic novel medium with a concept record is a dream come true and something I have wanted to do for many years,” Biersack says. “Working with the Z2 Comics team and alongside Scott Tuft and Eryk Donovan to bring this dream to reality has been an incredible process.”

The plot behind The Ghost Of Ohio isn’t up for grabs just yet. But Biersack revealed where it takes place as well as a short synopsis to tease fans.

“The story takes place in southwestern Ohio and spans across historical eras from the 1800s to modern day,” Biersack says. “The Ghost Of Ohio is a tale of loneliness, redemption and strength, and I hope both the album and book capture that tone while giving people some fun entertainment to escape into!”

While we're patiently waiting for pre-order information, check out the artwork below!

'The Ghost of Ohio' Cover Art

[Photo by: Eryk Donovan][/caption]