“Talk about the world’s worthless thief,” begins Andy Biersack, frontman of Black Veil Brides and Andy Black, regarding the thief who got into his garage and stole some of his personal BVB memorabilia from tours gone by. “What are you going to do with that?” he asks rhetorically. “A bunch of useless Walmart women’s jackets I hand-studded in a van in 2008?”

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On Saturday, May 26, Biersack posted photos to Twitter showing the areas of the garage that were burglarized along with an image of the intruder and some commentary about what was taken. He was philosophical in his posts, grateful that it was material objects taken and that neither his wife Juliet Simms nor his pets were harmed. (“I’d gladly lose all my stuff as long as my family is safe,” he tweeted.)

“The immediate thought is when someone comes into your home and steals a bunch of your childrens-size clothes from a decade ago, you think maybe someone is taking it intentionally,” he tells AP. “I’m watching the security camera footage: He knew where my stuff was, and I’m thinking he cased the area beforehand, and it’s terrifying. What can you really do about that? The way I’ve had to respond is that I’m leaving in a few days for tour, and I’ve really beefed up the security in my home. It’s like Fort Knox now. [Laughs.] My neighbors must think I’ve really lost my mind: Between the cameras and the alarms and the stickers everywhere, I can’t open up a window or a door in my home without it sounding like I’m about to explode. Ultimately, I’m going to end up moving because I don’t like somebody having that much information of where I am.”

In his initial tweets, Biersack said he lost “jackets, pants, gloves, tour laminates and LPs.” But since the original break-in, he noticed the thief had strewn more memorabilia all over the garage, possibly with the intention to boost it later.

“What I found was as I went through my garage, he had taken things out,” the singer says. “I don’t know if it was to hide them someplace in the future. When he had covered up the second camera in the time that I couldn’t see it, he had thrown things underneath my car and a bunch of other places, so I wound up recovering a great deal of stuff. I mean, it’s not the exact stuff that I wanted to keep forever, but I got enough. The whole goal of this was to show my family one day a hey-look-what-I-used-to-do kind of thing. And I’ve got enough of that.”

In his wonderfully self-deprecating Andy Black-style, Biersack recalls the visit with investigating officers asking questions about what kinds of things were taken.

“It is what it is,” he resigns. “I have to look at it and laugh. So the police ask, ‘What’s stolen?’ Uhhh…just this stuff that’s really valuable. ‘OK, what is it?’ The truth of what it is is stranger than anything they could understand. The last thing I want to do is go [adopts cool-dude stance], ‘Heyyyy, I’m a marginally famous rock guy! I’m specifically famous to the one type of person who’s excited to meet me. [Laughs.] But you don’t know who I am.’ What am I going to say?

“So I say, ‘I’m a musician, and I lost a bunch of my things; they got stolen.’ And [the police] say, ‘OK, so what is it? Equipment? Clothes?’ Yeah, clothes. ‘Can you describe the clothes?’ Well, in 2008 when we were on tour, a lot of our clothes were getting really gross. So we went to Walmart and it turns out that Miley Cyrus—who was on Hannah Montana at the time—did a clothing line that featured black jeans. We bought 20 pairs of those black jeans and studded them ourselves, and I value them at a billion dollars. See? There’s no way I can do that. So I just go, ‘Yeah, I lost some shit.’”

At the end of the experience, Biersack admits that “it is what it is. I have to look at it and laugh. Honestly, he left almost everything—except for the Miley Cyrus pants and a couple of vests. I guess the hope is that I get to keep going long enough that I’ll be Old Geriatric Guy In Miley Cyrus Pants, and I won’t need to show the old ones because I’ve got the new ones.”