Andy Black (AKA Andy Biersack) has had fans on the edge of their seats with his cryptic posts referring to what most believe is his upcoming graphic novel and sophomore solo album, The Ghost of Ohio.

Now, Biersack has released a "Part 2" teaser involving a phone number and a very intriguing voice recording.

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The Ghost Of Ohio is expected to be released by Z2 Comics in March of 2019. His sophomore album of the same name is meant to be released at the same time as the comic, complimenting each other in terms of concept and theme.

andy black biersack comic book

“The record is meant to be a soundtrack for the comic book,” he explains. “The focus was to do songs that felt like they represented, in terms of tone, the different emotions of the story. There are songs that are just straight-up fun pop songs. There are songs that are dark, moody, gothic songs.”

“I think it’s a pretty eclectic record,” he continues. “That’s one of the joys of doing a solo record, anyway. Black Veil have a sound that we’ve cultivated over the course of the last decade. With the solo records, I have the opportunity to do things where there’s no expectation.”

Biersack began dropping cryptic photos on Twitter mid-January, sharing a "Part 1" teaser just a few days ago. "Part 1" involved fans calling a posted phone number in which they were sent to a recording of what fans believe to be an excerpt from the comic.

Yesterday, Andy followed-up the post with this image.

Today we were given "Part 2" using the same phone number but this time, callers received a different recording.

We need "Part 3" ASAP!

Are you excited for Biersack's The Ghost of Ohio? What are your thoughts on all of these cryptic teasers? Sound off in the comments below!

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