Andy Black's cover of the classic Frank Sinatra song "My Way" now has a music video, and it perfectly matches the track.

Watch the dazzling video below!

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The Black Veil Brides frontman put his own spin on "My Way," drawing inspiration from Sid Vicious punk rock cover of the track.

The music video resembles the Sex Pistols bass player's version, but Andy Biersack did it his own way. Plus, the musician added footage from his childhood to the video, which filled our hearts with joy.

"I have always loved this song and the idea of doing my own take on it as an homage to my influences was initially inspired by the [AltPress] cover shoot and story," Biersack wrote on Instagram when he first shared the song.

Biersack discussed navigating his roles as pop-crooning raconteur (Andy Black) and rock god seemingly descended from Valhalla (Black Veil Brides) is in this month's cover of AP. In this lengthy interview, we gave him topics and let him address them without prejudice or filter.

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