Andy Black (AKA Andy Biersack) is making fans crazy with a series of cryptic posts. After releasing a "Part 1" in January and a "Part 2" on Feb. 2, now he hit us with "Part 3."

The latest teaser involves a phone number and a very intriguing voice recording once again. Many believe the messages are tied to his upcoming graphic novel and sophomore solo album, The Ghost of Ohio.

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The Ghost Of Ohio is expected to be released by Z2 Comics in March of 2019. His sophomore album of the same name is meant to be released at the same time as the comic, complimenting each other in terms of concept and theme.

“The record is meant to be a soundtrack for the comic book,” he explains. “The focus was to do songs that felt like they represented, in terms of tone, the different emotions of the story. There are songs that are just straight-up fun pop songs. There are songs that are dark, moody, gothic songs.”

The teasing

Yesterday (Feb. 2), he continued the teasing by sharing a picture.

"The ghost was hanged despite there being little to no evidence of him being guilty. One women said he looked like the kind who would do it. Six days passed of quiet and thinking they did the right thing..." the message says.

What's next? Part 4? We can't wait!

Are you excited for Biersack’s The Ghost of Ohio? What are your thoughts on all of these cryptic teasers? Sound off in the comments below!

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