Andy Black has released an audio recording of the prologue for his forthcoming comic book The Ghost of Ohio. Read by Black himself, fans can now get a glimpse of what his latest project will entail.

After Black shared the prologue to his Twitter this afternoon, many fans realized that the Black Veil Brides vocalist also has the perfect voice for audiobooks.

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“We begin our story on the banks of an old, forgotten river,” the prologue starts. “Atop the winding wood and endless darkness, this is where the ghost was born. He was raised in a small town at the edge of a great mountain and from a young age, he was terrified of the world outside.”

The prologue then signifies the background of the ghost in the graphic novel. According to the audio recording, the ghost grew up in a small town with a lack of acceptance. After being accused of a crime he did not commit, the ghost was sentenced to death. His ashes were then spread along the Ohio River.

“Sometimes when something so terrible happens to an innocent soul, the universe has a way of fixing the damage that was done,” the prologue continues. “And on the evening of December 26, that’s exactly what happened. On that night you see, he returned from the dead. This is the ghost of Ohio.”

You can listen to the entire prologue below.

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Recently, Black has been endlessly teasing the release of the graphic novel The Ghost of Ohio, as well as his sophomore album of the same name.

Yesterday, Black revamped his twitter, leaving only a teaser for the album. Accompanied by intense music, the teaser depicts a photo of Black. The minute-long video then says “coming soon” and urges fans to go to the domain “”

However, if fans go to Black’s traditional website, it will direct fans to a similar layout. Appearing next to Black’s initials inside an outline of the state of Ohio, Black announces that a new single is “coming soon.”

Additionally, prior to hiding his tweets, Black teased fans with five separate audio messages when they called a certain number. According to a Twitter user, some of the recordings appear to be excerpts from the graphic novel.

Both the album and The Ghost of Ohio comic are expected to be released by Z2 Comics in March of 2019. The two are meant to complement each other in terms of concept and theme.

“The record is meant to be a soundtrack for the comic book,” Black says. “The focus was to do songs that felt like they represented, in terms of tone, the different emotions of the story. There are songs that are just straight-up fun pop songs. There are songs that are dark, moody, gothic songs.”

Are you excited for Black’s graphic novel The Ghost of Ohio? Sound off in the comments below.

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