Andy Biersack guides APTV's Ryan J. Downey through the Black Veil Brides Universe, assembling a dream team of personas such as his own alter-ego Andy Black, William Control, John Feldmann (plus everyone he's worked with) and more. 

He also gives us an update on the ambitious plan he revealed at the APMAs to complete both his own Andy Black album and the new Black Veil Brides album this year.

"[More realistically], once we wrap recording on the Andy Black record, then we'll start to shift focus entirely to the new BVB album," says Biersack. "An important thing for me with this project is to not interfere with the band. It ended being twice the workload for me...The new Black Veil album will likely start at the beginning of the year." 

So, it looks like the initial plan is off the table, but some new music from Andy soon is better nothing, amirite, BVB Army?

According to Andy, you can look out for the first Andy Black single by the end of this year and the album out at the beginning of 2016. 

He also talks about how he came to collaborate with Gerard Way, Quinn Allman, Ashton Irwin, Rian Dawson and more on the album!

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Interview: Ryan J. Downey

Video: Nick Major

Editing: Bobby Makar