Well, after a brief teaser on April 14, we now have a brand-new Angels & Airwaves song. The new track is titled “All That’s Left Is Love.”

Tom DeLonge spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music saying that all of the proceeds of the track would go directly to Feeding America

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Angels & Airwaves have been relatively silent since 2019. But, that was a busy year for Tom DeLonge and crew. They dropped two new singles being “Kiss & Tell” and “Rebel Girl.” Then, they briefly teased a new song called “TIME BOMB” on New Year’s Eve while showing some footage from an upcoming documentary. They also completed a massive U.S. tour

Now, Angels & Airwaves are back to being angels, by donating proceeds from “All That’s Left Is Love” to Feeding America. 

Feeding America responds to the needs of individuals struggling with food insecurity in the United States and aims to end the fight against hunger. 

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DeLonge described his involvement with Feeding America in a recent interview with Lowe. 

“Gwendolyn Meyer, she’s in the dynasty of a massive international food consortium,” DeLonge begins. “She’s a wonderful woman, and she brought me into working with Feeding America over the past few years, and largely through my ex-wife too. She was actively involved and she dragged me in. And so I’ve gone down with Feeding America, and I’ve handed out food on holidays and for people in need. I’ve gone to schools and handed out food to a lot of these kids only get their meals at school. And a lot of people think that the United States obviously is a more wealthy country than other, but there’s still so much poverty here.” 

“As you know, you live in Los Angeles, and so you can see that there’s a disparity between the classes. It was very simple for me to make one phone call and say, “Why don’t we do this? Because this is something that everybody needs right now. People can’t take care of their families. Kids are not in schools where they’re getting their only meal of the day.” It kind of worked out, and that’s how you know it’s meant to be. I’m super proud to be with Feeding America on this.” 

The last AVA record was 2014’s The Dream Walker and with three new songs under their belt, and a potential fourth with “TIME BOMB,” hopefully there’s news of a new record soon. 

Until then, check out Angels & Airwaves’ newest song, “All That’s Left Is Love.” 

“All That’s Left Is Love” Lyrics

Do you ever not open those eyes
to see again, your old life
Do you ever look back to that night
Right before, the world cried

We have never been here before
To not love less, to love more
And now after all that we’ve seen
Yeah I’m sure, it’s for me

What we’ll be…..

I wait for winter’s pass, and we
tried to make it last, but it’s
Difficult at best,
When our hearts can never rest

At night it is the worst
Always say we’re passing first, Then
delete the messages
The ones that really hurt

We, send out a call
love, runs, from, a, crawl

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The world is different now
We feel more of us
When the days are getting tough
A little bit’s enough
When all that’s left is love

Spring has come along, and the
leaves are off the lawn,
Wishing I could stop the fear
As the summer nights come near

We‘re locked inside our beds, but we
Laugh at what is said,
remember how it all begins
A little smile from your friends

I, gave, you, my, spark
Hope, when, things, get, dark

The world is different now
We feel more of us
This place is such a mess
But we always pass the test

When you feel like looking up
When the days are getting tough
We’re gettin’ us that drug
A little bit’s enough

When all that’s left is love

Life’ so unreal, so surreal

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