Yes, those weird-yet-somehow-incredibly-true stories we saw in 2020 have trickled into 2021. This time, COVID-19 conspiracy theorists are at the forefront of an odd, yet true story about a theory surrounding 5G mind control chips and a guitar pedal blueprint.

According to a Twitter user, COVID-19 conspiracy theorists in Italy convinced themselves they had found the blueprint for the 5G mind control chips that are apparently in the coronavirus vaccines. In a shocking twist of events, however, the master plans they located aren't actually what they thought.

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For those of you that are unaware, there's a common conspiracy theory that the new towers for 5G cell phone service are actually responsible for spreading COVID-19. In fact, according to the Washington Post, Western Europe saw an uptick in attacks against both 5G equipment and workers this year.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Western Europe has seen increasing attacks against equipment and workers. These attacks are plots to damage 5G towers often linked to unsupported theories alleging a link between 5G and the virus."

Additionally, some conspiracy theorists believe people are being injected with 5G mind control chips when they get coronavirus vaccines.

Now, it looks like this wild conspiracy theory has taken an interesting turn. According to @mariofusco, a senior software engineer at Redhaton, there's a group of Italian conspiracy theorists who thought they found the blueprint for these apparent 5G chips.

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It turns out, however, the mysterious blueprints are actually for the BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone, a common guitar pedal. From looking at the blueprint, guitar players can easily identify the terms "treble," "bass," "volume" and "footswitch."

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