No matter how careful you are, you’ve probably texted to the wrong person at some point in your life. Now, thanks to Apple’s latest iOS 12 update, that fear is becoming a real nightmare for many.

A previously unannounced feature for Apple’s latest iOS 12 is causing iMessages to be sent to the wrong contacts, according to Mashable. Bizarrely, the issue stems from Apple’s attempt to improve the messaging service across its devices.

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The update is intended to merge chats with iOS device users who have multiple phone numbers and email addresses (such as for work and personal). Unfortunately, Apple is merging separate people’s phone numbers and email addresses, and as a result, messages are being sent to numerous devices all belonging to different users.

Users are taking to Apple’s support community to vent the issue.

“My ex-wife and our two teenage daughters share an apple ID,” one user writes. “With the new ‘benefit’ of streamlining in iOS 12, all of their messages to and from me are lumped (streamlined) together. I can only send a text to the last one of them that texted me. This is not a benefit, not safe and not conducive to being able to communicate quickly and easily.”

The feature was left off of the list of new additions, according to Forbes. Memoji (which is described as a more customizable Animoji) and a way to customize messages are among the new features. They also introduced Screen Time to monitor how much your family spends on devices, Siri Shortcuts and a new privacy feature to prevent being tracked on the web.

The messaging glitch wasn’t the only issue with the iOS 12 update according to Twitter users who are expressing issues accessing apps and how it appears on-screen.

Set It Off frontman Cody Carson also admitted to having issues with the update.

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