It looks like Apple’s iPhone 12 won’t have EarPods or a charger in the box

If you are planning on buying Apple‘s new iPhone 12 or any 2020 iPhone models, you may have to fork out extra cash for accessories.

A new report is causing rumors to swirl that Apple plans to remove most of the accessories from future iPhone boxes.

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Currently, all iPhone models come with a power adapter, a charging cable and a pair of EarPods. However, TF Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo believes that Apple will end its production of the 5W and 18W power adapters and will remove most accessories from iPhone boxes. Instead, the company will ask consumers to purchase its new 20W power adapter as an optional accessory.

According to the report, the controversial move is to offset production costs that Apple will incur from supporting 5G on its devices. Therefore, we could see the iPhone 12 feature a comparable price to the current iPhone 11.

With no EarPods or power adapters in the box, Apple may decide to use smaller packaging. This would be a more eco-friendly alternative and would greatly reduce shipping costs since more phones will be able to fit in one shipment.

iPhone 12 boxes, however, will reportedly still include the Lightning to USB-C cable. As well, the removal of EarPods from the box may persuade customers to purchase the more expensive AirPods instead.

Since 5G drains the iPhone’s battery a lot faster, Apple’s ploy to get customers to purchase the faster charging 20W adapter makes sense. While the 5W and 18W iPhone adapters are less expensive, customers could be more likely to purchase the more expensive 20W adapter as it charges phones more quickly.

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If true, these rumored changes will likely cause a great amount of scrutiny. With the rise in popularity of AirPods, many Apple consumers predicted that iPhone boxes may no longer include the wired EarPods. However, some customers may not be happy to find that their new iPhones no longer include adapters in the boxes.

Do you think iPhones should still come with power adapters and EarPods? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!