Apple reveals iTunes replacement with three standalone apps

At the end of last month, Apple users learned they would be in for some pretty big changes after it was rumored that they would be phasing out iTunes. To kick us while we were down, the company deleted all of iTunes‘ social media accounts.

Now, at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose on Monday, Apple announced the official end to iTunes, instead launching individual, standalone versions of their Music, Podcasts and TV apps for Mac users on the next version of macOS.

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“Customers love iTunes and everything it can do,” Apple VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said during the conference. “But if there’s one thing we hear over and over, is can iTunes do even more?”

The new Music app will be based off of iTunes, so it will still contain some of those familiar features. However, to sync a device, users will need to plug in their iPhone, open up the Finder, and choose a syncing option. It will no longer automatically pop up like it did before.

The biggest change with the Podcast app uses machine learning technology to index words that are spoken during podcasts. This means, when you want to find a podcast based on specific themes or topics discussed, you can search using these words.

Then we have the new TV app that will let you access premium channels, rent movies and TV shows, access third-party streaming services and watch original shows from Apple TV+.

It’s a lot to take in, especially after the rollercoaster of emotions Apple has put us on with the demise of iTunes and the release of a new iPod Touch.

Our hearts can’t take much more of this.

Are you disappointed by the removal of iTunes? What do you think of the new Music, Podcast and TV standalone app idea? Sound off in the comments below!

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