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Sure, a snowflake icon means some snow's a-comin', and a little cloud symbol means it's going to be cloudy... but do you really know what all the weather icons on your iPhone mean? Thankfully, Apple has offered a handy-dandy guide that legit shows us what all the weather symbols on our iPhones mean.

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As pointed out by Metro, the 25 tiny pictures included in the trusty iOS weather app give a unique symbol for seemingly any weather scenario. But what do they all really mean, what with their monochrome weather representations rendered in squiggly lines, arrows, drizzles and dots? (I mean, the symbol for windy could honestly be three pieces of spaghetti?)

Well, now we know—and knowledge is power, y'all. So the next time you're trying to differentiate between smoke and fog, just remember that fog is depicted as one cloud with two little lines underneath it, whereas smoke is three clouds piled all up on top of each other. Don't take our word for it, though; check out all the Apple weather symbol meanings below:

[Photos by: Apple]

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