At the company's Keynote earlier today, Apple announced a new and improved iPhone model, dubbed the best of its kind to date.

The iPhone 7 will change the music consumer's experience in particular, officially removing the headphone jack for the first time ever. However, the change may not be as devastating as previously thought.

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Apple gave up the headphone jack in exchange for its Lightning connection and wireless technology. Included in the iPhone 7's box are Apple's ever-popular EarPods that will instead feature a Lightning connection rather than the traditional analog/headphone jack connection.

But what about that awesome pair of headphones you bought a while back that only have an analog/headphone jack connection? Don't fret! The iPhone 7's box also includes an analog to Lightning connection, allaying users' worries that their analog headphones won't work with the new model.

Apple cited limited space to accommodate the smart phone's plethora of new features and software as the reason behind the headphone jack's removal.

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AirPods will also debut in Apple's accessory line, which favor wireless headphone technology over wired connections. Using the same earphone design as EarPods, AirPods simply remove the wire. A sensor inside the AirPods detect when the device is in your ear and connects effortlessly to your iPhone 7 and other Apple devices. With the iPhone 7, the days of pairing and un-pairing are gone.

The W1 chip, called to revolutionize wireless earphone technology, are coming to Beats' headphone line as well.

Stereo speakers are premiering on the iPhone 7, producing twice the volume as previous models.

The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus feature upgraded camera technology, drastically improving photos in low-light conditions. The iPhone 7 Plus, specifically, features a dual-camera system, which allows for advanced zoom technology. Annoyed that those concert photos appear blurry and dark? Well, those new features solve that concert photo quality issue.

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Gamers should also rejoice with the new iPhone. Upgrading everything from racing games to role playing games, the iPhone 7's fast performance handles cinematic game experiences not possible previously. 

The iPhone 7 model also features an updated design, home button, retina HD display and wide color screen, Apple Pay improvements, better performance than ever before, longer lasting battery life and, for the clumsy in all of us, a water and dust resistant casing. Lastly, the new iPhone 7 model, along with previous models starting September 13, will run iOS 10, which features those awesome new iMessaging features AP reported on a while back.

Orders for the iPhone 7 start this Friday, September 9 and ship September 16. AirPods will ship in late October. The iPhone 7 starts at $649 and the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769, available in jet black (glossy), black, gold, silver and rose gold.

Watch the iPhone 7 design and product films here.