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  • Dreamers

    Rocks Like: The Strokes, Rooney, the Virgins

    Check Out: 'Dreamers' EP

    Comprised of Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Chris Bagamery (drums) and Nelson (bass), Brookyln’s Dreamers formed from the ashes of a previous project called Motive and are prepping to release an eponymous debut EP this fall and a full-length next year. Wold describes their sound as “John Lennon giving [Radiohead producer] Nigel Godrich a hug while Iggy Pop takes a photo with Neil Young’s camera.” The group are just starting to tour, with plans to release videos and other content in the coming months, “then we’ll get on to building a utopian society on the moon with the latest advances in technology and philosophy,” Wold tells us. Dreamers, indeed. —Philip Obenschain

  • Encourager

    Rocks Like: The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, Descendents

    Check Out: 'I Get A Kick Out Of Jokes' EP

    Encourager came together in late 2010 when vocalist/drummer Christopher Thomas and guitarist Brian Farnsworth connected on Craigslist and met up to jam on a Saves The Day song. The duo set the stylistic template for what would influence their sound as additional members (also procured from Craigslist and none natives of the band’s home base of Seattle) cycled through. “My personal mantra for this band is ‘faster and weirder,’” claims Thomas. “I don’t want to play a bunch of boring, mid-tempo rock.” Encourager’s latest EP, the unabashedly pop-punk I Get A Kick Out Of Jokes is the farthest thing from “boring mid-tempo rock” 
we can imagine. —Philip Obenschain

  • How To Disappear Completely

    Rocks Like: Swans, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, My Bloody Valentine

    Check Out: 'Daughters Of Eve'

    Though their roots lie in hardcore, How To Disappear Completely have forged a melodic, droning sound that’s rooted in rock but draws influence from metal. “We wanted to get a band going that has some potential to do more than 
just reach an audience that was into hardcore,” explains frontman James Bailey, who met his bandmates while performing in other groups. A fiercely DIY endeavor, the Syracuse, New York, outfit picked up steam thanks to local radio attention, and are self-releasing their debut album, Daughters Of Eve, this year. —Philip Obenschain

  • The News Can Wait

    Rocks Like: At The Drive-In, Deftones, Glassjaw

    Check Out: 'Cloud Factory' EP

    Founded by guitarist Marcus Lopez, Dallas post-hardcore group the News Can Wait bear a sound not unlike another legendary Texas act: At The Drive-In. “I’d like to think that our goal is to bring the art back into punk rock, while keeping a powerful voice of self-liberation,” explains Lopez, who held the band together through various lineup changes, transitioning from playing friends’ parties in middle school to clubs around the Lone Star State. The News Can Wait plan to follow their 2013 EP, Cloud Factory, with new music by the end of the year, and hope to tour soon after. —Philip Obenschain

  • Supros

    Rocks Like: Phoenix, Kings Of Leon, Franz Ferdinand

    Check Out: 'Hush' EP

    Hailing from southwest Florida, Supros have more in common with Michael Jackson than My Chemical Romance. Part arena-ready indie rock, part dance pop and harboring an affinity for Americana and classic soul music, the quartet formed in 2013 and are celebrating the release of their debut EP, Hush. “There’s an innate desire and musical foundation for wanting to make fun, dance-oriented music for the masses,” explains frontman Jesús Núñez. So far, most of their energy has been dedicated to performing locally, but with tour aspirations and an incredibly catchy sound poised for mass appeal, expect to see Supros in your town sooner rather than later. —Philip Obenschain