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Reluctant Hero

Rocks Like: There For Tomorrow, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Conditions

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When Reluctant Hero drummer Daniel Yakobchuk describes his band as “a group of
friends who shared the same high school hallways and musical aspirations,” he sounds
like he’s cribbing from a John Hughes movie script. But the Heroes’ fizzy-pop workouts
(some of which have been used by WWE and SNL) can shoo away the clouds on whatever personal horizon you’re facing. “As a band, we strive to be an example for
people who have dreams, but lack the courage to pursue them,” says Yakobchuk. “We
came together to create music that speaks to every potential hero out there and tells
them, ‘It’s not easy, but you’re not alone in dreaming. We’re in this together.’” By the time
you read this, the Heros will be in the studio working on their next EP, All As One. [JP]