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Black Blinds

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In 2004 Rob Devinney recruited Brett Helke to sing for his band, Fall Of Transition. After various reincarnations and a few tours, the group traveled to Los Angeles in 2011 with the hopes of gaining some major-label attention. With no luck, they returned home and eventually parted ways. Devinney approached Helke again in 2012 with some half-written material. “This band came together [because] we spent far too long making music to try and please others or get on a major label,” Helke says. “We were forcing something unnatural, and as the years progressed, the quality of the music and the mentality were sacrificed for an attempt at popular music.” The duo have a self-titled full-length out and a long-term goal of touring Europe. “We won’t stop until someone hits us in the side of the head with a baguette while onstage in Paris,” Helke says. [RC]