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Bison Bison

Rocks Like: The Black Keys, the White Stripes, Black Sabbath

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The Black Keys, the White Stripes, Black Sabbath
The members of Bison Bison met in 2010 when vocalist Grant Miller was working at a bar. “I put Flower Travellin’ Band on the sound system,” says Miller, “and this weird guy at the bar perked his ears up and said, ‘Is this Flower Travellin’ Band?’ That was the first time I met Dylan.” Miller and bassist Dylan Reilly bonded over Japanese psychedelic rock, which led to a jam session. Reilly eventually introduced Miller to drummer Eric Johnson and Bison Bison were born. Miller says his band never had any grandiose aspirations, but are constantly working to better themselves. “We’ve gotten where we are now on sheer willpower,” Miller says. “We all work normal jobs and have spent lots of time and a shitload of our own money to get this album out. As we’ve branched further and further out we’ve gotten better and better shows, and we’re super-thankful to everybody who’s helped us along.”