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The Business End

Rocks Like: Propagandhi, Lagwagon, Bad Religion

Check Out: 'Nice Marmot'

The Business End consider themselves pioneers of a new genre. “Snow-punk,” says vocalist Mike Ward. “Like skate-punk for snowboarders. Not that what we play can or should be limited to those who board, but if a musically and lyrically diverse band like Lagwagon can fit into the skate-punk genre, we, along with all of our varying subject matter and influences can surely justify the christening of a new genre and reside there for whatever purpose a genre provides.” Although the band have been through some serious stuff since forming in 2006 (including drugs and jail time), the Business End reemerged in 2011 as a strong unit with a sense of humor. “We don't tend to take ourselves seriously for more than a few minutes at a time,” says Ward. The Business End are currently working on new material and “looking for a label to call home.”