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Fellow Bohemian

Rocks Like: Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, the Shins

Check Out: “Stones In A River” single

Although Fellow Bohemian (who came together just six months ago) would love for you to pick up their new single, “Stones In A River,” they’d rather you come see them play it live. “Everybody shared the vision of starting a band that was more about a live experience than a vibe that could only be captured on record,” says lead singer Alex Bostelman. “The songs are definitely meant for a live environment, and the group as a whole is definitely what bring them to life.” Since forming, the band have spent a lot of time playing local shows in Costa Mesa and Long Beach, California, and writing more songs. “With every song we write, we get more and more excited about what the future of the band could be,” says Bostelman. “Do I think our music will change the world? Maybe not. Do I think we'll get rich playing music? Definitely not. Times are different. The music industry is different. But we'll ride it out for as long as we can and see how far we can take it.”